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Hello world!
I'm Yuriy Katerin. My passion is mobile application development. It started as a hobby and turns into my profession. I'm highly motivated and mostly self-taught programmer. I strive for continuous progress in this area and so am keen to enhance my knowledge and widen the experience.

   product management

   marketing analysis
   creating mobile apps and websites

   frontend and backend development
   database and business analysis


Action Script  
Java Script  


mobile application development

website development

mobile website development

Enjoy the world's most beloved board game anytime and anywhere!
Skills required: tactics, strategy.
  • The Dominoes app is based on the Draw Game which is the most popular and the forerunner of other domino games.
  • It provides options to create games, appealing to a wide range of tastes. Some of them were inspired by the domino games Sebastopol (or "The Star"), Fortress and All Fives.
  • The app allows you to choose the style of the game appropriate to your mood.
  • Playing opponents at your own pace is a good way to learn to play dominoes and to improve your skills.
  • On-screen notifications make the gameplay fast and entertaining.

  • More information

    Apple Store: coming soon

    Fishing one the Maldives

    The game Fishing on the Maldives is a fascinating immersion into the world of the Maldive islands and the underwater kingdom of the Indian Ocean. You enjoy your holidays fishing near the "Coral reef" and the "Coconut island". But don't lose your head while fishing, beware of the dangerous sharks. They try to interfere with your leisure time. Be courageous and use your oar to strike them.

    Apple Store: coming soon

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